Friday, December 25, 2015

Mass Update - How can I modify existing Price Book data in bulk / mass in Salesforce

Mass Edit your price book entries in Salesforce the easy way - A guide to success!

You spent days in creating your Salesforce price book entries by visiting each entry / product one by one or by creating a few CSVs files and uploading them to Salesforce via Salesforce's data loader (Enterprise Edition+) . But now you need to update the prices (& other information) instead of doing that yourself  by visiting each record one by one or instead of uploading a new CSV file and try to avoid duplicates / creating deprecated products again all you need to do is to install the Smart-Mass-Update™ app from ZaapIT and create a new price-book-entries tab (via the grid manager) and you are good go.
The new Smart tab will enable you to mass-inline-edit & mass-edit your data with ease.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bulk Update - End of Quarter is BACK! Is there an easy way to Mass Update Opportunity stage & close date in bulk?

It is end of quarter again and you have a lot of open opportunities you need to close or transfer to the next quarter / year. What is the best & easiest way to update those opportunities in bulk?

The 7 golden features of a great mass update tool:
Rene's way to success

  1. Update Multiple fields in bulk: let's assume that you have created a view/grid with all the open opportunities ending in the current quarter, updating the opportunity-close-date or the opportunity-stage via a single-field-mass-update tool will remove the updated rows from the current view and won't give you the chance to update the second field, this behavior will enforce you to create multiple views in order to cover all the angels!
  2. Bulk update unlimited number of rows: mass update 50/100 rows at the time is better then updating the rows manually but it tends to be very frustrating. A great mass-update tool must respect the search & filters when you do a mass-update for all rows.
  3. Mass inline edit: every mass-update tool that respect your time & clicks must have a mass inline edit mode. The mass inline edit mode presents your data / records in a spreadsheet like mode which enables you to do quick refinements on multiple rows at once and then enables you to the save all your changes in a single click. A great tool will also have search & replace option similar to excel, this kind of feature could be a very handy feature e.g. replace only the year or month for a close-datefield.
  4. Mass Create: at the end of every a muss update process you should ask yourself  - what next? should I tell someone about the change by creating tasks in mass or should I add a different related-object for those records I just updated in bulk...
  5. Mass Delete: every mass-update tool that allow you to create records in bulk must allow you to mass delete those records i.e. allow you undo your changes. A great tool will even move those deleted record to the recycle bin.
  6. Search, Sorts, Filters & Views: the ability to create your own custom "report like" views with custom filters, sorting & fields is very important - this kind of features will allow you to continue your work tomorrow / next week / after the holidays.
  7. Export / Save your data as a file: The ability to export the current records & save them as a file is a very valuable feature i.e. in case you would like to compare the before & after (of bulk update) or even to undo your changes e.g. in case you / someone else changed their mind.
The tool I'm using in my Salesforce is Smart-Mass-Update™ by - it has all the above features and much more.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mass Create Tasks / Any Objects in Salesforce - The easy way

 Filter, mark & create in bulk

The below video illustrate how to create tasks in bulk for the selected contacts with an option to refine / control the result (via a preview page).

How it works:


Mass Create Tasks / Objects

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Close Multiple Cases with Comments

Close Multiple Cases with Comments - The easy way

Close & add custom comment & reasons in mass / per case with Smart-Tables

Get Smart-Tables Now!

Post Install steps:

  1. Create a Smart-Tab  for Cases (page 24 in zaapit's user guide).
  2. Add the relevant fields to the layout.
  3. Contact ZaapIT's support to create the comments-field & custom settings.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Track Field History for Tasks / Activities in Salesforce

Track field history for Tasks / Activities in Salesforce like a PRO

- How it works - 

* Includes: Mass Mass Update, Mass Edit & more

Installing ZaapIT History Tracking (2 steps):

1) Install  Smart-Tables / Smart-Activity-manager from the AppExchange.

2) Install the below ZaapIT history extension package:

Use this URL to install the package into any organization:

Use this URL to install the package into any Sandbox:

task history tracking

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FREE Seats for NGO / NFP orgs for Smart-Tables / Smart-Mass-Update / DEDUP-Manager / Smart-Activity-Manager

ZaapIT has started to give away a FREE-5-seats license to the first 50 NGO / NFP organizations that will install one of the following apps: Smart-Tables / Smart-Mass-Update / DEDUP-Manager / Smart-Activity-Manager.
To claim your FREE-5-seats license just contact ZaapIT's sales after installing the app(s), please attach to that email an IRS / governmental form stating your NGO / NFP status.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

De-Duplicate your Salesforce data with DEDUP-Manager

Are you still wasting your time working on duplicated leads / contacts / accounts?

- Watch the video - 

* Includes: Mass Merge - with related lists, Auto Mark rows (Delete Dups). Selective merge, Mass Convert, Global Detection, Auto Detection

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Manage your Task, Events & Projects with ease on Salesforce

Managing your tasks & projects could be a tedious task - why not make it fun and easy experience for everyone?
- Watch the video - 

* the app can work with any project/tasks objects created by you or installed from the AppExchange

Friday, July 3, 2015

Notes & Attachments report on Salesforce

Everyone knows that Salesforce doesn't let you to create a report of Notes and Attachments. But what if you need to see, let's say, all Notes that were added to your Accounts / Opportunities over the last year? And furthermore, want to update a couple of hundred notes without having to click into each and every one of them?

Hint: use the 
Smart-Tables / Smart-Mass-Update app for Salesforce.

Below are some live screenshots:
Notes Manager - preview & filters

Notes Manager - Mass inline edit

Notes Manager - mass edit note body 

Attachment manager - Preview & filters

Attachment manager - Mass inline edit

Attachment manager - description edit

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Breaking the sound barrier for bulk updates

Every Salesforce consultant / developer can tell you that Salesforce has a lot of development constrains aka limits - the most common one is the bulk update / insert limit (aka DML limit) which limit you to 10,000 rows per request/execution on custom code.

A couple of days ago ZaapIT announced that its R&D team managed to break the 10,000 row limit for bulk updates in a single shot/click, this announcement is making ZaapIT's apps the only native apps that can perform unlimited bulk-updates of rows in a single click. 

Try the new unlimited mass update app for Salesforce.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mass Update in Salesforce

It’s easy to be confused by all the mass update apps out there: What is the best option to mass update leads / opportunities on Salesforce? Should you use a free app or should you use a premium one?

Luckily, we have answers. Here are 3 common mass-update apps for Salesforce, and why you should or shouldn't try them.

App #1 Mass Update Anything (Windows):

This app runs outside of Salesforce with a dedicated windows GUI.
Pros: free.
Cons: it doesn't  support special fields (dependent pick-lists and others), you need to pre-fetch lookup-field IDs in order to update lookup fields, you need special permissions to use the app and you need to know SOQL .

Link to the app: Mass Update Anything (Windows)


App #2 Mass Update Anything (Mac os x):

This app runs outside of Salesforce with a dedicated windows GUI.
Pros: free. 
Cons: works on mac 10.5+, it doesn't  support special fields (dependent pick-lists and others), you need to pre-fetch lookup-field IDs in order to update lookup fields,you need special permissions to use the app and you need to know SOQL.

Link to the app: Mass Update Anything (Mac)


App #3 Smart Mass Update (Salesforce Native):

Pros: works great on Windows, Mac & Linux and it got a collection of really nice features + the app supports special fields (dependent pick-lists and others), you don't need to know SOQL (SOQL is optional)
Cons: premium app (free for 14 days )

Link to the app: Smart Mass Update 

Smart Mass Update main features:
  • Global Search + filed search 
  • Multi column/field sorting
  • Advanced Filters (spreadsheet style)
  • Mass update
  • Mass edit, mass delete
  • Views & charts
  • A layout editor
  • Server Side