Friday, December 25, 2015

Mass Update - How can I modify existing Price Book data in bulk / mass in Salesforce

Mass Edit your price book entries in Salesforce the easy way - A guide to success!

You spent days in creating your Salesforce price book entries by visiting each entry / product one by one or by creating a few CSVs files and uploading them to Salesforce via Salesforce's data loader (Enterprise Edition+) . But now you need to update the prices (& other information) instead of doing that yourself  by visiting each record one by one or instead of uploading a new CSV file and try to avoid duplicates / creating deprecated products again all you need to do is to install the Smart-Mass-Update™ app from ZaapIT and create a new price-book-entries tab (via the grid manager) and you are good go.
The new Smart tab will enable you to mass-inline-edit & mass-edit your data with ease.

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