Sunday, March 13, 2016

The easiest way to convert and merge multiple leads in bulk - Mass Convert Leads

The weekend is approaching and you have a lot of leads that you need to convert into new contacts/accounts or merge them with existing contacts/accounts. Instead of doing the hard & manual work by yourself what you need is a tool that will convert & merge those leads in bulk into new / existing contacts i.e. without creating duplicate records.

The easiest mass convert & merge tool ever created for Salesforce  - DEDUP-Manager™:

by Rene Ford
  1. Avoid from creating duplicate contacts: the tool offer you the option to find existing contact by using the lead's email address as reference.
  2. Avoid from creating duplicate accounts: the tool offer you the option to find existing account by using the lead's company name reference.
  3. Use the lead's information in an optimal way: Transfer the lead's data / related information (tasks/events/notes/etc) to the new contact / account.
  4. Create new opportunity: the tool offer you the option to create new opportunity for the new contacts in mass.
  5. Changing the owner: the tool allow you to specify a new owner or to use the lead-owner for the new leads, accounts & opportunities.
  6. Lead Status: the tool allow you to change the lead's status for the converted leads in mass.
  7. Mass Update / Edit the converted records: Mass Update / Edit the converted records in bulk as a touch-up, or even use the mass create options to create new tasks /events/ sub-records...

Mass Convert in action