Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deduplicate your records by using a custom data-formula

The following example will show how to dedupe your data by using a custom formula (10 chars from the name + 5 chars from the phone number). In case you only need to you add a second field to the de-duplication report/process then just change the grouping statement (e.g. "group by name, phone" under custom settings).

Creating a custom formula to de-duplicate your data:

1. Create a custom text field (250 chars) for the relevant object via via setup>"object name">fields>create custom field .... in the following example I will use the account object and I will create a custom field named "SLA Serial number".
2. Build the formula to populate your field via process builder (setup>create>Workflow & Approvals>Process Builder> use the update record action):

3. Go to smart-mass-update>accounts tab & mass update the "SLA Serial number" field:

Before the update:

Choose the field & mass updating all the rows (filters will be respected):

The mass update result:

4. Create a custom dedup tab - follow the below video and use your new custom field (instead of website):

5. Once you verified that the formula separates your data to "right" duplicates row-sets then you can start to mass-merge those duplicates groups (mass merging starts at 00:23):

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