Monday, October 2, 2017

Sending Bulk Emails to every Contact / Lead

Did you ever wanted to send bulk emails to every Contact / Lead in Salesforce?

On September/2017 we added that ability to our list of features - no more switching to next page...

Sending bulk emails:

  1. Create a Salesforce email-template (via setup>filter> email templates), make sure the template have a text version + a description (the app uses that information when it creates the an activity log)
  2. Open the Smart-mass-update>contacts or leads tab
  3. Use an existing view or create a new view with the relevant filters i.e. in order select the relevant leads / contacts for this email campaign ...
  4. Mark the "all" checkbox and click the Mass Email button (on the list-top)
  5. Select your template from the list for available templates
  6. Click the Send - All Rows button (you will receive a batched email summary once done).
  7. After the emails were sent use the "HTML Email Status Report" to monitor user interaction.

Sending emails in bulk to every contact / lead

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mass Lead Convert in Salesforce lightning LEX

The following example will show you how preforms bulk lead convert in Salesforce lightning (LEX).

The below process can convert multiple leads records in bulk and merge them with existing/matching contacts & accounts (the app uses the lead's email & company name to find existing/matching contacts & accounts).
This process pulls all the lead's fields & related information automatically places/merge it the with the right record...

Mass Convert leads in Salesforce lightning