Monday, October 2, 2017

Sending Bulk Emails to every Contact / Lead

Did you ever wanted to send bulk emails to every Contact / Lead in Salesforce?

On September/2017 we added that ability to our list of features - no more switching to next page...

Sending bulk emails:

  1. Create a Salesforce email-template (via setup>filter> email templates), make sure the template have a text version + a description (the app uses that information when it creates the an activity log)
  2. Open the Smart-mass-update>contacts or leads tab
  3. Use an existing view or create a new view with the relevant filters i.e. in order select the relevant leads / contacts for this email campaign ...
  4. Mark the "all" checkbox and click the Mass Email button (on the list-top)
  5. Select your template from the list for available templates
  6. Click the Send - All Rows button (you will receive a batched email summary once done).
  7. After the emails were sent use the "HTML Email Status Report" to monitor user interaction.

Sending emails in bulk to every contact / lead